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Screen Door Slam

David K

Screen Door Slam is the second release from the EP. It is a Blues, Rock song about the pull of addiction, recorded in a old church in East Austin, TX.

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David K



Sometimes there is an event that comes with such force and clarity that it determines the rest of your life. There is the life before and then life after.  

An underage David K was able to sneak into a club to see his hero, Albert Collins, getting a seat right in front of Albert and his 100 watt Quad Reverb. Little did David know he was moments away from starting his life after.  

  For the next 2 hours David sat there, chill bumps raging, muscles tensing and forgetting to breath through the tension and release of every phrase Albert played. Unable to move, David absorbed the full impact of Alberts pain, joy, soul and brutal honesty in every note Albert played and it was glorious.  

  The experience was so profound that it determined the course of the rest of David’s life.  

  There was only one Albert Collins, but everyone has it in them to be as honest with how they express themselves if they dare dig deep enough.  

  David K is a guitarist, singer, songwriter from Austin TX where proficiency on your instrument is determined not by how many notes you play but where those notes come from.  

  David K’s mentor Jesse Taylor introduced him to ex Paul Ray and the Cobras bass player Alex Napier thinking it would be a good pairing. After playing a Howlin Wolf tribute at the Continental Club Alex seemed pleased enough so they formed David K and the Blackouts.  

  The Blackouts became regulars at Antones, The Continental Club and other clubs around the region. David was blessed enough to open for or play with many Texas legends some of which are no longer with us: Doyle Bramhall Sr, Denny Freeman, Paul Ray, Pinetop Perkins and, Jesse Taylor to name a few, and then his friend Alex Napier.  

  After the passing of Alex, David’s career has been mostly as a side man. Playing blues, soul, funk and Zydeco on many recording projects and playing festivals all over Texas and Louisiana, Maine to California and from Europe to New Zealand.    

  After many fits and starts David K is finally releasing his first solo EP. It’s a stripped-down old school plug it in and go approach to contemporary blues, soul and rock.  

  Recorded in east Austin, at what was once an old church but is now Churchhouse Studios, through a Spectra Sonics board, once owned by Wayne Newton, straight to tape. Produced by Dave Boyle, John Chippman (The Resentments) on drums, Spanky Alexander (Samantha Fish) on bass Dave Boyle on keys and Sally Allen singing backup vocals. The sound is mean, greasy, low down and distinctly powerful. It’s as clean and dignified as a 60’s Vibrolux, and as raw as a dimed Tweed Deluxe. A combination that reflects David’s background and a sound that is pure Texas.  

  David did get to realize a dream that he had had since childhood and play with Albert Collins. David was opening for A.C. and noticed Debbie Davis was not with him that night. Summing his courage, after all Albert could cut David’s head off with one note, he asked Mr. Collins if he could sit in for just one song. David ended up playing the whole night with him. David describes the night “I wanted to show Albert that I had studied him, his dynamics and his phrasing so I played a lot of his licks.” After the show I started to rethink not sure if Albert had perceived it as respect or as downright stealing. So, I apologized and tried to explain. Albert listened intently, paused, and said “That’s alright boy, you take them licks put ‘em in your pocket and take ‘em home with you.” To this day, David digs down deep in his pockets to pull out those licks.